About ESF

The History of ESF

The history of the Enabling Support Foundation is entwined with the birth of online education in 1985 and its death 10 years later.  From that point ESF was developing its plan and during the past three years has become an International Center for Social Good
Background and Emergence

Persons with disabilities and their advocates led the way to the 21st Century, with an electronic information system and communication as early as 1981. The creation of KidsNet in 1985 was through the foresight of K-12 teachers who pioneered the Internet.   Ten years later this creativity gave way to standardization and decline.  You can read the story in Education and the  Bowling Alley


The mission of ESF flows from the three strands shown here.

This section illustrates our Mission statement and our Vision looking forward.

This link leads to a page giving a short description of the ESF Specialilsts.  There is also a link to more detailed information.


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