Who we are and what we do

The Enabling Support Foundation is a facilitator organization focused on the mission to maximize the potential of everyone.  It emerged from the earliest online education activities in the early 1980s.  See the About section for details on staff, history, and philosophy.

There are two major activity threads on ESF: The Peace Flame network and Education Special Forces.  Peace Flame is a network of people with diverse skills and missions.  At some point you reach a critical mass and those skills and missions come together into unique accomplishments.  The Peace Flame tab will bring you to the current activities, which are based on a simple work plan.  Find them, and we will build it together.

Education Special Services was grew in anticipation of Education in the 21st Century.  The ESF philosophy of education for the 21st Century was first proposed in 1990 and are still the core today.  ESF guides teachers online with ideas on how to teach in their classroom.  ESF has developed simple techniques to bring children into the 21st Century at no cost.  ESF proposes that parents teach their children to read at the same time they are teaching them to speak.

The Enabling Support Foundation also facilitates by providing resources for website construction.  This includes, domain registration, web hosting, and lessons on web building.