Who we are and what we do

The Enabling Support Foundation provides support and enables people to reach their goals. It has two main branches:  Peace Flame and Education Special Forces.

 Peace Flame is a network of groups with diverse skills and missions.  The Peace Flame selection will bring you to the current activities, which are based on a simple work plan.  Find them, and we will build it together.  It publishes the Archive of Social Good, a directory of organizations focused human development.  It can be searched by country, mission, and population served.

Education Special Forces does not advocate bringing 21st Century technology into the classroom but to bring the classroom into the 21st Century.  Its roots go back to 1990 and has evolved into a philosophy of education that advocates that:

Parents be responsible for teaching their babies to read as they are responsible for teaching them to speak.  Teach writing and mathematics on electronic devices.

When children go to school

  • Postpone the alphabet until the child is reading.
  • Use a keyboard for writing
  • Teach estimation rather than arithmetic
  • Use a spreadsheet to teach mathematics.

 ESF also supports higher education and has entered into a partnership wiht Doctoral Net, an organization that supports students writing a Ph.D. dissertation.