Biography of Cynaidah Mideva

She has hand on experience  in  social  business development,  clients  relation  to the bottom  of  pyramid,  strategic partnerships,  sales and marketing, clients  portfolio, research, recruiting, training , process  improvement  and human resources.

Before joining Enabling Support  Foundation,  she supported  sunnymoney   Africa (a social  enterprise  owned by  UK charity  solaraid )  set up  sunnymoney  Agent network which was a local  community members  ( turned entrepreneurs from schools  campaign ) armed with solar lights  which was an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Cynaidah  is committed  to efficiently  develop  clients  relation  both  locally  and  internationally. She is the founder of GOSHARE  SOCIAL  NETWORK  with a vision to  employ education 21st   Century skills as a key to digitally  transform  the communities  by ensuring  that  there is quality education,  eradication   of  poverty,  gender  equality, Environmental conservation, drug and substance abuse,  economic  empowerment growth,  sustainability,  promote peace , justice and social  equality. 

Cynaidah is a life long leaner, true team player  and a coordinator. She led a pilot project on early reading  programme  in Africa. She is the path finder of education special  forces and also worked  on setting up   more than 50 blended centres  in kenya. Cynaidah helped Enabling support foundation prove that early reading is real and  works. Her mission is to transform  the communities  through digitalization,  financial  empowerment  and capacity  building.