Bob Zenhausern

Dr. Robert Zenhausern received a Ph.D. in Psychology from Fordham University in 1969.  He spent 35 years teaching Psychology, Research, and Design at St John’s University in New York.  He directed over 100 research projects for laboratory, class projects, and graduate degrees and published over 200 papers and articles.

He developed a research track based on neuropsychological investigations and focused on learning disability.  He developed a model of reading disability which examines the causes and cures for dyslexia.  He left St. John’s to concentrate on the model and, at the same time, pursue telecomputing. 

He started his online life in 1981 learning from the pioneers of computer networking, persons with disabilities and teachers of K-12 children. He created the Maelstrom Listserv Center at St. John’s University in 1990 that became the top ranked Listserv with over 1 million messages per day at its peak.  He also developed the Grassroots MOO, a text only predecessor of Second Life to enhance education, especially English as second language.

Dr. Zenhausern has created Peace Flame an integration of more than 100 African NGOs share and help one another.  It is also a forum on which ESF can post grant possibilities and support any that might be submitted.  Peace Flame hosts and supports 10 NGO websites.

Dr. Zenhausern has embraced a philosophy which is a variation of  “Build it and they will come.”  Rather his approach has focused on “Find them and we will build it together and the rest will come”. 

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