Sheila Rosenberg

Sheila  Rosenberg was a student of  Dr. Zenhausern and perhaps the earliest advocate of  computer communication in schools.

Sheila  is the School Psychologist of the ESF team. Sheila holds two Masters degrees and has 35 years of experience in public school education and teacher supervision. In addition to her assessment and academic intervention specialty, she holds School District Administrator license as well as the NYS K-12 special education services license.

Sheila worked closely with teachers in developing innovative strategies for reading, written expression, and mathematics for kindergarteners to 12th grade. Her publications include support for teachers of English as a Second Language as well as the research results of a computer education project for a sample of 12 year olds.  This research project reflects the collaboration with Dr. Zenhausern who was the lead researcher of the project.

Sheila entered the world of internet communication in the 1970’s when she taught Basic to second graders communicating with a mainframe via an acoustical phone modem.  Her experience in the public schools included the introduction of computers for special education students as well as the responsibility of orientation of colleagues.

Sheila has worked with ESF since its inception providing opportunities of all continents  to communicate on the internet prior to the addition of colorful images. She points out that the content fascinated young readers and successfully demonstrated that even very young students were good ambassadors and that they were curious about engaing and sharing with peers around the world.  She established early models of supervision for safe communication between schools.

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