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The Enabling Support Foundation Resource Center

   The Enabling Support Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit    organization with a dual mission to support persons with disabilities and k-12 education.  The intersection of these two missions, special education, is of particular importance. ESF is also active in emerging countries where it faciitates all human activites, especially Education.  This activity can be seen at the Education Special Forces website.

Education Resources
The Education resources speak to the K-12 mission of ESF and provides resources, support, and projects for students, teachers, and parents in both mainstream and special education.  The Educational Synthesis website is a combination of unique material and links to important educational resources.  The Division includes links to Advocacy and Learning Styles.

Abilities Resources

The Abilities resources center is concerned with the second mission of ESF: persons with disabilities.  It provides links to resources and information relevant to disability with a major emphasis on advocacy.  It includes special projects such as teaching Excel to the blind.

Cultural Resouces 

The Cultural resource center of ESF is concerned with the aesthetics of the human experience and some unique contributions to the arts and culture.

Health Resources 
The Health Division provides information on alternative approaches to medicine.

In addition to these major divisions of the Enabling Support Foundation, there are important centers that embody the essence of the various divisions.

Communication Center
The Commmunication Center has links to the blogs of the ESF community, discussions of these ideas, and a list of social networks that are consistent with the ESF model.

Cross Cultural Special Education

A major initiative of the Enabling Support Foundation is the development of the Cross Cultural Special Education Center.  The purpose of this Center is to explore the extent and meaning of Special Education throughout the world.