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100 Best Lifehacks for Your Health and Wellness

Not just for your computer, hacks are also useful for health and wellness. Check out these top 100 lifehacks for health for diet, exercise, sleep, and much more.

Best Lifehacks for Simple Exercise

Be sure and check out these hacks to do exercise for everyone from the beginner to the senior.

    1. Superset 4B Plank: No equipment or dumbbells are needed to this beach body workout. Get a quick guide to it, along with more easy exercises from “Women’s Health.”

    2. Fight Carpal Tunnel with Simple Desk Exercises: Whether a chronic or occasional condition, use this exercise to keep your hands and fingers limber. There is even a YouTube video that shows you how.

    3. Child’s Pose: This simple yoga move stretches the hips, quads, and back. Learn how to do it along with other useful yoga poses.

    4. NEAT Activities: Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is basically any movement that isn’t intended as exercise. This article shows you how to turn simple gestures into an actual exercise.

    5. Toe Squats: Expert trainer Tina Anderson shows you how to utilize this easy squat modification. You can even do it while you children are at a playground.

    6. Drive Yourself to Distraction: Make your exercises more fun and last longer by incorporating some of these lifehacks. Suggestions on what to watch and what exercises to do are made.

    7. Toe Lift: This exercise is so simple, it can be done while on the phone. Simply stand and lift your toes as shown in the guide.

    8. Cellulite Busting: Anyone of any age can get it. This article in “Prevention” shows you how to deal with it by simple exercise.

Best Lifehacks for Advanced Exercise

Those who exercise regularly or are in fairly good condition can try these lifehacks to get the most out of their running, lifting, and more.

    9. Inhale-Exhale Ratio for Improved Runs: Learn how to breathe for maximum running using this trick. Specifically, it suggests three footsteps for every inhale and two footsteps for every exhale for a 3:2 ratio.

    10. Run Well Training Tool: Whether training for a marathon or looking to add a few miles, use this free tool to help you hack your runs. Some of the country’s top running coaches have helped develop these programs that will work for runners of any level.

    11. Replenish Fluids After Exercising: Learn how much water to drink before, during, and after a workout. Specific amounts are listed at specific times.

    12. The Dwight Howard Anti-Gravity Workout: Impress your friends with your ability to leap and dunk like a pro by checking out this free workout. “Men’s Health” shows you how to accomplish this in two easy exercises.

    13. The Hindu Pushup: Part yoga, part pushup, this simple exercise will work your muscles and posture. There is also a YouTube video that shows you how.

    14. Pillow Squats: You read correctly. Stand on a pillow for a single leg squat to get even more of a workout. It works out part of the legs not previously targeted.

    15. Deadlift: Done improperly, you can really hurt yourself. But with this useful guide, complete with videos, you can learn how to do this all around, effective exercise.

    16. Geriatric Gymnastics: Good for the mind and body, anyone can do these simple exercises. There are even tips for working out with furniture found around the home.

Best Lifehacks to Avoid Injury

Pursuing health and wellness can also lead to injury. Check out these lifehacks to avoid it or deal with it.

    17. How to Avoid Heatstroke: A dangerous, and occasionally deadly, condition, everyone is vulnerable to it. “The New York Times” offers some simple ways to combat it, along with the most common causes.

    18. Ditch Your Shoes for Better Runs: Some studies have shown that walking barefoot can ease aches and pains. With running shoes getting more and more expensive, check out these options for avoiding or dealing with injuries.

    19. Healing Injuries With Your Own Blood: The Well Blog at “The New York Times” ran an article about how a patients own blood can heal an injury. Read and discuss with a doctor before trying.

    20. Heal Sprained Ankles: The most common sports injury, this lifehack shows you how to avoid it. Simple and more advanced techniques are shown.

    21. Texting and Driving: A new situation/problem, is it really as dangerous as they say? CNN says, “yes” and has the statistics and data to prove it.

    22. Amare Stoudemire’s Injury Recovery Tips: Learn how to recover from an injury like an NBA pro with this free article. Three simple tips can have you healing faster.

    23. Spine Injuries: With varying complexities, a spine injury can be devastating. This site has excellent tips, exercises, and poses for maintaining the health of your back.

Best Lifehacks for Sleep

Most of us spend eight hours a night doing it. Learn how to do it better with the help of these sleeping lifehacks.

    24. Reset Your Sleep Cycle: A Harvard researcher believes that sleep is regulated by food, in addition to exposure to light. By doing a sixteen hour fast as prescribed in this article, you can reset your sleep cycle.

    25. Get Your Sleep I.Q.: James Maas is a sleep expert and professor at Cornell University. Take this twelve part, sleep quiz to see where you fall in your sleep, and get related help.

    26. Cool Yourself Down for Better Sleep: A National Institutes of Health study suggests that the optimal temperature range for good sleep is between 60 and 68 degree Fahrenheit. Try the tricks mentioned in this article to get a better temperature for better sleep.

    27. The Egyptian Method: Similar to the above, this lifehack helps you fall asleep on a hot night. By using a wet sheet or blanket, an optimum core temperature is reached.

    28. Massage for Sleep: HowStuffWorks shows how massage can actually help you sleep. There is even a recipe for a homemade massage oil.

    29. Advanced Siestas: If you can’t get eight hours at night, try these methods to get more sleep and energy throughout the day. They include the Everyman 2-nap, Everyman 3-nap, and the Siesta.

    30. Try Music: The free relaxing music and nature sounds on this website have been carefully chosen for their ability to aid sleep, reduce stress, and provide a relaxing atmosphere. In addition to the free downloads, you can also get other useful tips for getting to sleep.

    31. An Expert’s Guide to Napping: Because sleep doesn’t just happen at night, check out this guide for getting the most out of your naps. It will also tell you the optimal time for a nap.

Best Lifehacks for Beauty

Don’t just feel good; look good by trying out these top beauty lifehacks.

    32. How to Put Moisture Back Into Dry Hair: With these simple home recipes, you can undo the damage all that shampooing and styling did. Just look to your fridge or fruit basket to get the answers.

    33. Eliminate Dandruff With Mouthwash: With some Listerine, water, and witch hazel, you can get a homemade remedy for those pesky white flakes. There are also other alternative uses for mouthwash in the video.

    34. Homeade Face Fixers: Whether you have dry or oily skin, there is a fix for you. Simply follow the instructions listed here to make an all natural mask.

    35. Get Rid of Dark Under-Eye Circles: No matter what the cause, this article contains simple tricks to get rid of the puffiness and discoloration under eyes. There are also diet tips included.

    36. Simple Homemade Facial Cleansers: Get rid of all that dirt and hidden specs on your face by trying out one of these cleansers. Three different cleansers are listed.

    37. Toothpaste For Acne: Due its ability to dry out a pimple, toothpaste has long been thought of as a natural acne fighter. See which ones are recommended by users or add your own tip on the site.

    38. Do It Yourself Spa Treatments: Love the spa, but hate the price? Then try out these spa lifehacks to do it yourself without the hefty bill.

    39. When it Comes to Shampoo, Less is More: NPR delves into why and how much shampooing is best. You can also get alternatives for shampooing.

    40. Avoid Razor Bumps: After a clean shave, red bumps on your skin can pop up, leaving your skin in worse condition than before. A doctor for Discovery Health shows you how to avoid this.

Best Lifehacks for Your Diet

These lifehacks will show you how to optimize breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks.

    41. How to Eat Healthy Without Whole Foods: Don’t live near one, or don’t want to spend the money? Either way this informative article shows you how to save and shop like a Whole Fooder in your very own grocery store.

    42. The Truth About Organic Food: “Redbook” takes a look at the myths and truths surrounding this food craze. Use their guide to make the healthiest choices.

    43. Eat Healthy in Restaurants: If you love going out to eat, try some of these lifehacks to use in restaurants. They include where to go and what to order.

    44. Try Vegetarian: Even if you love meat, spending one day a week as a vegetarian can actually be good for you. Zen Habits has many easy and low cost ways to try out this lifestyle.

    45. Brown Bag It!: With limited time and funds, lunch can be the most devastating meal of the day. Avoid this by stopping by WebMD and viewing their 15 lunch ideas including pasta lover’s, pita pocket, wraps, and more.

    46. Get the Most Out of Breakfast: Skipping breakfast does more harm than good. Since it can be quick, inexpensive, and healthy, check out Zen Habits for ten tasty ways to enjoy a solid breakfast.

    47. Eat on Purpose: Not as easy as it sounds, learn how to avoid overeating and indulging by following this guide. SparkPeople is also a great way to jump start any diet.

    48. Make ‘Em Last: Love produce but hate the waste from it? Then visit this site to learn how to can, freeze, dry, and preserve any fruit or vegetable at your home.

    49. Leftovers!: This blog will show you how to make any ingredients into a delicious dish. Get tips for the pantry, fridge, safety, and of course, tons of recipes.

Best DIY Lifehacks for Your Diet

Turn your kitchen, yard, or windowsill into a powerful diet lifehack by checking out the below.

    50. Make Your Own Sushi: Expensive, and occasionally dangerous if you go to the wrong restaurant, sushi can be easily made at home. The Food Network has 62 recipes for it including Nigiri sushi, vegetarian, and even Redneck sushi.

    51. Grow Your Own Herbs: Stop going to the market and shelling out money for what you can easily do at home. A Veggie Venture shows you how to grow your own herbs using pots, a backyard, or even herb growing for apartment dwellers.

    52. Make Your Own Tea: Farmer’s Almanac shows you how to make various sorts of teas from your own herb garden. There is even a recipe for a Ginger Ale Spritzer.

    53. Grow Your Own Garden: Don’t stop at herbs, utilize your yard to grow your very own produce with the help of The Garden Helper. Get a free guide including a calendar, soil tips, fertilizer, and even a directory of specific fruits and vegetables.

    54. Brew Your Own Beer: BYO has tips and guides for beer brewers of all levels. Get a new to brewing section, blogs, a resource guide, and even recipes for the home beer brewer.

    55. Your First Wine: Using fresh grapes and a few items found in the grocery store, WineMaker Magazine shows you how to make your own wine. Choose from red or white dry table wine.

    56. Homeade Jerky: Avoid all the fats and fillers found in store bought jerky by visiting FabolousFoods. This easy to follow guide will show you how to make beef, turkey, salmon, or even Ahi jerky in your very own kitchen.

    57. Make Your Own Starbucks Hot Chocolate: Love Starbucks but hate the price? Then visit The Happy Housewife to get a simple recipe for making this popular drink in your home.

    58. Make Your Own Pizza: Why settle for delivery or frozen, when master chef Wolfgang Puck gives you his specialty recipes on gourmet pizzas? Choose from brunch, Caesar chicken, calzone, four cheese, and even recipes for dough.

    59. Make A Burger King Whopper at Home: Go beyond having it your way and check out this recipe for a fresh homemade Whopper. A contributor at eHow shows you the easy, four step recipe.

Best Lifehack Drinks for Your Health

Next time your at the grocery store, check out these beverage lifehacks for health.

    60. Sparkling Essence Flavor Waters: Unlike other flavored water, these have no calories. There are also no artificial sweeteners or additives, making this a great water for any occasion.

    61. Minute Maid Home Squeezed Style: This orange juice stands out for its high contents of both calcium and Vitamin D. You can also learn more about their other enhanced juices on the site.

    62. Clif Quench: Stay away from sugary loaded sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade and try this out. A fraction of the sugar and calories, it is made with all natural ingriedients.

    63. Just Blueberry: R.W. Knudsen brings you this all natural, anti-oxidant power house. It packs sky-high levels of antioxidants and you only need a shot or two to get your day’s worth.

    64. V8: Sneak in a serving of vegetables using this hack. There are many different varieties including low sodium, high fiber, and even spicy hot.

    65. Honest Green Tea: Want the antioxidants found in this drink without the artificial additives that can be found in others? Then try this bottled tea to get one without the other.

    66. Red Wine: They say a glass a day can help, but which is the best? Check out this article from “The San Francisco Chronicle” to get results in all sorts of red wine.

    67. Stash Tea: Get all sorts of information on different kinds of tea by checking out this leading dealer. Get info on green, herbal, decaf, and many others.

    68. Blue Sky Soda: Got to have a soda? Then stay away from the usual culprits and try one of these with natural ingredients and many tasty flavors.

Best Lifehack Foods for Your Health

Now that you have a drink, check out these top lifehacks for food health.

    69. Sweet Potatoes: A consistent high ranker, this food contains carotenoids, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Whole Foods gives you a complete guide on how to select and prepare this superfood.

    70. Puffed Fruits: Because they are puffed instead of dried, they still contain all the nutrients of fruit, but without the pesky expiration date. Purchase in a variety of flavors including banana, pineapple, and plantain.

    71. Wild Salmon: Because of its high levels of Omega 3’s and much more, this is a no brainer. This store sells salmon straight out of Seattle and can be delivered anywhere.

    72. Wasa: Loaded with fiber, fat-free, and portable, this food can be enjoyed anywhere. The site even has recipes and allows visitors to post their favorite ways to enjoy it.

    73. Newman’s Own Popcorn: With all sorts of varieties, choose the 94% fat free version with all natural ingredients. A great way to snack without adding extra calories.

    74. Larabar: Need energy without caffeine or sugar? Then try one of these bars for an all natural way to get it.

    75. Yogurt: Feeling stressed? Then try a small serving of yogurt. Studies have shown that the ingredients found in it can reduce stress.

    76. Eat for a Hangover: The National Institute of Health recommends certain foods for curing a hangover. They include honey and Bouillon soup.

Best Lifehacks for the Health of Your Child

Because children need lifehacks, too, check out these top ways to improve the health of a child.

    77. Organic Valley Chocolate Milk as a healthy substitute.

    78. Cook with them. A child who helps prepare a meal is more likely to enjoy and finish it. Visit Amazing Moms for kid friendly recipes that can be adapted to your child’s nutritional needs.

    79. Don’t ban snacks. A study has shown that forcing diet foods on children, along with banning snacks, can actually trigger binge eating. Snacks in moderation are offered as an option.

    80. Try honey instead of cough medicine. Penn State did a study to show that honey can be just as effective as cough syrup without the side effects. It showed that did a better job reducing the severity, frequency and bothersome nature of nighttime cough.

    81. Give them their vegetables. Although the USDA recommends five servings a day even for children, making that a reality can be difficult. Luckily, The Food Network has plenty of ways to make kid friendly vegetable dishes including Won Ton ravioli, pumpkin bread, and grilled vegetable pizza.

    82. Get them to exercise. A kid who doesn’t like to play is as rare as a kid who likes vegetables. Get fun and safe ways for kids to exercise as they play by visiting KidsExercise.

    83. Turn your kid into a super helper. Good for them, good for parents, learning how to do basic household tasks both prepares them for adulthood and teaches responsibility. Get 13 Ways Your Children Can Help With Chores from Suite 101.

    84. Avoid the most common injury. Among children, some of the most common injuries come from car crashes. Younger kids are especially vulnerable to this injury. Visit the American Academy of Pediatrics to get a free guide on auto safety for children of every age.

    85. Get free or low cost insurance for your kids. Check out Insure Kids Now! which links families to low or no cost insurance for kids. It’s worth a look, even if your children are covered by your current plan.

Best Pet Lifehacks for Your Health

Follow these lifehacks to get better health for both you and your pet.

    86. Dogs Sniff Out Health Problems: If your dog is constantly sniffing you in the same place or behaving weirdly, they could be reacting to a serious health problem. Read this article to see how dogs are used to fight cancer, diabetes, and more.

    87. Pets & Meeting Women: If married men live longer, try using your pet to help you meet that special someone. The author of “Marley and Me” shows you how he did it.

    88. Secondhand Smoke a Threat to Pets: Need another reason to quit smoking? Then check out this study to see how your habit could be harming your pet.

    89. Dogs and Autism: 4 Paws for Ability uses pets to help children with autism or Asperger’s syndrome. Find out how a dog can help a child with this condition by stopping here.

    90. Keep Pets Flee Free: Get tips for preventing fleas from Lifehacker Australia. There are also tips for dealing with them once you already have them.

    91. Natural Flea Control: Hate fleas and all the chemicals used to fight them? Then visit Mother Earth News to find natural ways to fight the pests.

    92. Homeade Pet Shampoo: Follow this easy guide to make an all natural shampoo for your pet. It uses everyday items found around the home.

Best Miscellaneous Lifehacks for Your Health

These lifehacks are ideal for targeting a specific area of your health.

    93. DentaBurst: Can’t carry a toothbrush everywhere you go? Then try these portable ways to brush your teeth using your finger. Disposable packets fit into your purse or wallet.

    94. Discover Your Life’s Purpose: In around 20 minutes, Lifehacker shows you just how to do this. After four easy steps, and possibly a few tears, you just may get the answer.

    95. Twelve Tips to Drink Eight Cups a Day: Finding it hard to get all your water for the day? Then try this easy guide by Spark People to get it done easily and quickly.

    96. Sudoku: Keep your mind active and humming by playing this popular online game. Be sure not to get too swept up in it, though.

    97. Looking for Spinoza: Spinoza was a philosopher who firmly linked mind and body, paving the way for modern ideas of neurophysiology. Get the book from Amazon for $10.88, or read a preview for free.

    98. Foot Massage: Because the body’s toxins can collect at the feet, a massage is an easy way to get rid of them. This site has tips on all sorts of massages including Thai, pregnancy, and more.

    99. Acupunture: If you’re feeling uneasy about the practice, stop here to learn more. You can also find one in your area, or visit the store with many useful products.

    100. Cure Your Toothache: Got a toothache but no way to get to a dentist? Then try this simple remedy from “Men’s Health.”

Be sure and check with your doctor before using any of these top 100 lifehacks for health and wellness as an option to treating any condition.