Cayetano Polancos from the Philippines

Here is a message I got from Cetayano that says it better than I could ever hope.

I already informed the school where I am based as a consultant and they were excited for your interest in helping us. We were able to acquire a computer from a generous donor in our town. We are just waiting for an internet connection anytime soon. Since our school program is a trimester, and the first trimester ends on August 28 with an outdoor trip to a local nature park, the staff will be unavailable this week for their program preparations. So, I expect them to be with me for a meeting on the first week of September.

Regarding for funding, our locality is rich in natural resources that we can utilize. We have parents ready to work in any particular project. I suggest that you give us an idea what to work on and we can collaborate for it. How about our products being sold for a particular cause, such as a relief operation in Pakistan. I would not recommend any government participation here. We have good private sectors who have a big heart to support special projects like we have done.

Some ideas that I have in mind right now is:

Sharing of ideas. We are a third world country. We are a poor country. But we innovate. We did not let this poverty pull us down. Instead, we proactively created programs to sustain our projects.
Even though Cameroon is far from us. We may contribute in some ways, ideas, for them to try and practice. In our area, there are lots of Muslim people here. In fact, we have some muslim clients. Pakistan may benefit from our experiences in dealing with differently-abled people in our society.

Exchange Students. I have known that some students from Ireland, South Korea and United States have come here to study our culture and learn from our traditions and how we overcome difficulties particularly with the disabled sector.

Trade and Industry.  This part seems to be feasible. Some centers have resorted to making materials and sell it for a profit. Recycled bags, bracelets, etc. You may suggest marketing schemes with us. Events, seminars, shows,etc. We have good staff that can do such tasks. In fact, we have an upcoming seminar for a fee, and the proceeds go to the construction of another classroom.

Linkages. A handful of organizations help private sectors here. One such organization is the Liliane Foundation of The Netherlands, Smile Train of United States, UNESCO, Rotary Club. But I guess, these foundations have their areas of concentration in which they put in their funds.