Dietary Instructions for the Gluten-Free Diet

An excellent understanding of grains and their effect upon celiacs or anyone following the Gluten-Free diet is available as extracts from posts to the List.

Some Celiac Support Groups have prepared products lists for reducing individual research.

This document contains Gluten Free diet from various countries as they are obtained. The diet is different between countries for many reasons. Please read the FAQ to obtain an understanding of these differences.

United States

New Zealand

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US Gluten-Restricted, Gliadin-Free Diet Guidelines

This is the current Gluten Free diet for the US. There are some slight differences in ingredients due to the change in labeling laws on August 8, 1994.

Food Groups  Servings   Foods to Include     Foods to Avoid
Milk         2 - 3      Buttermilk, skim,    Commercial chocolate milk
             servings   lowfat, whole milk,  made with malt, malted
             1 cup      evaporated and       milk some non diary
             milk or    condensed milk,      creamers, some processed
             yogurt     sour cream*,         cheese.
             1 1/2 oz.  yogurt*, whipping    READ ALL LABELS !!
             natural    cream*, half and
             cheese     half, cottage
                        cheese*, aged hard
Meat, fish,  2 -3       Fresh meats, fish,   Commercially prepared
poultry, &   servings   shellfish, poultry   meats, such as bologna,
meat         for a      (check for HVP),     hot dogs, lunch meats,
alternatives total of   organ meats, ham     hamburger (cereal filler
             5 - 7 oz.  (check for HVP or HPP) items with
                        modified food        stabilizers, breaded
                        starch*), dried      items, tuna canned in
                        beans , legumes,     vegetable broth, creamed
                        peanut butter*,      or stuffed items,
                        real eggs, egg       commercial chili or
                        replacer*.           taco's, commercial
                                             souffles or omelets,
                                             turkey and chicken
                                             injected with HVP.
                                             READ ALL LABELS !!
Fat &        Use        Margarine*, butter,  Salad dressings and
sweets       sparingly  mayonnaise*,         mayonnaise containing
                        vegetable oil*,      gluten*, sauces with
                        lard, salad          gluten flour, non-dairy
                        dressings*, sugar,   whipped topping*, some
                        honey, molasses,     commercial candy* (check
                        syrups*, homemade    for dusting with a gluten
                        candy with allowed   flour), flavored syrups*,
                        ingredients, pure    instant pudding*,
                        cocoa, gelatin*,     commercial cakes*,
                        tapioca, some ice    cookies*, pastries*,
                        creams*, pure        chocolate nuts*.  Even if
                        baking chocolate,    a restaurant offers a GF
                        GF desserts.         cake, check to see what
                                             the cake pan was dusted
                                             READ ALL LABELS !!
Breads and   6 - 11     Specially prepared   Commercial prepared baked
cereals,                GF bread.  Pure      goods, pastas, & cereals,
rice and                corn or rice         that are made with gluten
pasta.                  cereal* not          flour, bran*, malt
                        containing malt,     products, bread crumbs*,
                        hominy, grits,       wheat germ.  Gluten
                        white, brown, and    containing flours such as:
                        wild rice, GF        wheat, rye, oats, barley,
                        pastas, some         bulgar, durham flour,
                        oriental  and bean   graham flour, quiona,
                        noodles, pure corn   amaranth flours, spelt,
                        tortillas, GF baked  and triticale.  Buckwheat
                        goods.               and millet are normally
                                             avoided.  Packaged rice
                                             READ ALL LABELS !!
Vegetables   3 -5       Fresh, frozen, most  Creamed vegetables,
             servings   canned vegetables*.  breaded vegetables,
             (1         Dried peas and       commercially prepared
             serving    beans.               vegetables, most
             equals                          commercially prepared
             1/2 cup                         French fries, and salads.
             of raw or                       Some canned or baked
             cooked or                       beans.  Some instant
             a cup                           potatoes*.
             leafy                           READ ALL LABELS !!

FRUITS        2 - 4      Fresh, frozen,       Prepared fruits and some pie
              servings   canned and dried     fillings*
              (1         fruit*.  Fruit       READ ALL LABELS !!
              serving    juices (100 %
              equal 1    pure), some pie
              piece of   fillings*, fruit
              fruit or   thickened with
              3/4 cup    tapioca or corn
              juice).    starch.
Beverages &              Coffee, tea,         Some herbal teas*, instant
miscellaneous            carbonated           coffee* or teas*, malted
                         beverages*, some     beverages, ovaltine, root
                         wines, some rums.    beer*, beer, ale, gin,
                         Vodka distilled      whiskeys, bourbons, most
                         from potato or       liquors.
                         grapes, sake, some
                         tequilas, some root
                         beers*.              Some spices*, some curry
                                              powders*, catsup*, mustard*,
                         Salt, black pepper,  and horseradish containing
                         pure white pepper,   distilled vinegar, soy
                         fresh herbs,         sauce*, seasoning mixes*,
                         yeast*, cereal free  imported MSG*, some yeasts,
                         baking powder,       paprika flour.
                         cream of tartar,
                         wine vinegar, apple  READ ALL LABELS !!
                         cider vinegar,
                         tomato paste,
                         domestic MSG*.
* Check labels for gluten containing additives and gums and ask questions
about unlisted ingredients added during processing.
INGREDIENTS       INCLUDE                          AVOID
Flavoring &       Those made without grain         Vanillin and extracts
Extracts          alcohol.                         made with or processed
                                                   with gluten-containing
                                                   grain alcohol.
Flour of cereal   Rice, corn, potato, soy, and     Wheat, rye, oats,
products          tapioca flours                   barley, bulgar, durham,
                                                   graham, spelt, spelta,
                                                   Kawmut, or triticale
                                                   flours. Buckwheat,
                                                   wheat starch, amaranth,
                                                   quiona, and millet.
Hydrolyzed        Soy or corn.                     Mixtures of wheat,
vegetable                                          corn, and soy.
protein (HVP)
Malt or malt      Corn                             Barley malt or syrup.
Modified food     Arrowroot, corn, potato,         Wheat starch.
starch            tapioca, or maize.
Mono &            Those using a gluten free        Those using a wheat
Diglycerides      carrier.                         starch carrier.
Natural Flavor    Those using gluten free          Those composed of
                  ingredients.                     gluten ingredients.
Vegetable         Soy or corn                      Wheat, rye, oats, or
protein                                            barley
Rice Syrup        Those made without a barley      Those made with barley.
Starch            Allowed when listed on US
                  products, it is corn starch
Vegetable gum     Carob bean, locust bean,         Oat gum
                  cellulose gum, guar gum, arabic
                  gum, gum aciaca, gum
                  tragacanth, or xanthan gum
Vinegar           Those made from a gluten-free    Those made from a
                  source.                          gluten-containing
Medications can contain wheat, wheat germ, wheat starch, etc. as ingredients
or coatings.  Check with your druggist, use the PDR, or call the manufacturer
on all medication.
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New Zealand Therapeutic Database of GF products

This is the web site for the New Zealand Therapeutic Database that has not only a current list of GF products, but also seven other lists covering allergies to lactose, soya etc:

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