Celiac Support Groups in Colorado, USA

A celiac's lifestyle is considerably easier with the help of a local support group. To assist in the process of finding local support, we have provided a series of files listing all of the celiac support groups that we are aware of. For each group one or more addresses and/or phone numbers are listed. When possible, e-mail addresses are also listed.

A very lax definition of support groups is used in these listings; any group that meets regularly for mutual support in handling celiac disease and the gluten-free diet is included in these listings. When a formal group is not available but someone is willing to function as a focal point, he/she is included as a "Resource Unit".

Updates or corrections can be sent to one of the following:

    Celiac Listowners, Celiac-Request@LISTSERV.ICORS.ORG
    Michael Jones, mjones@digital.net

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Colorado Contacts

Boulder County Chapter #138
City: Boulder

   www, http://www.BoulderCountyCeliacs.org
Updated: 03 Jun 2012

Group: Pikes Peak
City: Colorado Springs

   Sue Wielgopolan
      15475 Pleasant View Dr.
      Colorado Springs, CO  80921
   Therese Stock
      720 Custer Ave.
      Colorado Springs, CO  80903
   Virginia Ludwig
      3705 Meadowland Blvd.
      Colorado Springs, CO  80918
   Lois Randolph
      411 Lakewood Circle B614
      Colorado Springs, CO  80910
   Lillian Wolf
      2206 N. Meade Ave.
      Colorado Springs, CO  80907
Updated: 10 Mar 2001

Group: Gluten Intolerance Group of Colorado
City: Colorado Springs CDF

   DeAnna Olson
   DeAnna Olson, deanna@gigcolorado.org
   www, http://www.meetup.com/Celiac-and-Gluten-Free-in-Colorado-Springs
Updated: 27 Oct 2012

Cortez Co Support Group
City: Cortez Co

   Patti Moss 
Updated: 22 March 2004

Group: Denver Metro Area
City: Denver

   www, http://www.denverceliacs.org
Updated: 03 Jun 2012

Resource Unit
City: Denver

   Moira Sheehan
      1562 South Spruce Street
      Denver, CO  80231
   Moira Sheehan, msheehan@iadlabs.com
Updated: 10 Feb 1997

Group: Northern Colorado Chapter #77
City: Fort Collins

   Group, info@northerncoloradoceliacs.org
   www, www.NorthernColoradoCeliacs.org
Updated: 03 Jun 2012

Raising Our Celiac Kids - R.O.C.K. - Littleton Chapter
City: Littleton

   Randy & Kim Toltz
   Randy & Kim Toltz, randy@thetoltzgroup.com 
Updated: 21 Dec 2003

Resource Unit
City: Longmont

   Bill Eyl
      2600 Blue Mountain Ave.
      Berthoud, CO  80513
   William R. Eyl, billeyl@USA.NET
Updated: 10 Mar 2001

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