Celiac Support Groups in Washington, USA

A celiac's lifestyle is considerably easier with the help of a local support group. To assist in the process of finding local support, we have provided a series of files listing all of the celiac support groups that we are aware of. For each group one or more addresses and/or phone numbers are listed. When possible, e-mail addresses are also listed.

A very lax definition of support groups is used in these listings; any group that meets regularly for mutual support in handling celiac disease and the gluten-free diet is included in these listings. When a formal group is not available but someone is willing to function as a focal point, he/she is included as a "Resource Unit".

Updates or corrections can be sent to one of the following:

    Celiac Listowners, Celiac-Request@LISTSERV.ICORS.ORG
    Michael Jones, mjones@digital.net

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Washington Contacts

Gluten Intolerance Group® of Grays Harbor
City: Aberdeen/Hoquiam

    Julie Evensen   Co-Facilitator
     Kris Morrison, RN   Co- Facilitator
Updated: 27 Dec 2009

Raising Our Celiac Kids (R.O.C.K.) - Bellevue Chapter
City: Bellevue

   Nick & Sue Pierson
   Nick & Sue Pierson, NicholasPierson@Hotmail.com
Updated: 21 Dec 2003

Bellingham Gluten Intformation Group®
City: Bellingham & Whatcom County

    Kelle Rankin-Sunter, Support Leader
    phone: 360-332-7435
    Web:, www.glutenfreeway.info
Updated: 4 Feb 2012

Lewis County Area Gluten Intolerance Group®
City: Centralia

    Sam Jennings, Leader
    phone: 360-736-6970   
Updated: 27 Dec 2009

Ellensburg Gluten Intolerance Group®
City: Ellensburg

    Delayna Breckon, Branch Manager
    phone: 509-933-1010
Updated: 27 Dec 2009

Janell's Gluten-Free Market
City: Everett

    7024 Evergreen Way, Ste A
    Everett, WA 98203
    Phone: 425.347.3500
       www, janellsglutenfreemarket.com
Updated: 23 Feb 2011

South King County Gluten Intolerance Group®
City: Federal Way

    Colleen Rundle, Leader
    phone: 253-529-7798 
Updated: 27 Dec 2009

Olympia Gluten Intolerance Support Group
City: Olympia

    Joe Spancic, Coordinator
    phone: 360-628-3559
    Shelly Pierpoint, Co-Coordinator
    phone: 360-259-1538
       Shelly Pierpointspglutenfree@yahoo.com
       Joe Spancic jkspancic@comcast.net
       Joe Spancic joe@gfjoes.com
Updated: 27 Dec 2009

Raising Our Celiac Kids (R.O.C.K.) - Poulsbo Chapter
City: Poulsbo

   Tim & Dawn Simonson
   Tim & Dawn Simonson, timsimonson@csi.com
Updated: 21 Dec 2003

Group: Gluten Intolerance Group
City: Seattle

   group address
      31214 124th Ave SE
      Auburn, WA 98093677
      253-833-6675 (fax)
   group, gig@gluten.net
   www, www.gluten.net
Updated: 9 Sep 2009

Group: Central Seattle Group
City: Seattle

    Steve Wangen, ND, Contact
    phone: 206-264-1111
    Web:, www.ibstreatmentcenter.com/7_c.htm
Updated: 27 Dec 2009

Group: Seattle Celiacs
City: Seattle

   group address
     Kirkland WA 98033
   group, eric@seattleceliacs.com
   www, web.webhost4life.com/celiac/
Updated: 18 Sep 2009

Seattle Celiacs
City: Seattle/Bellevue/Renton

    Earl Ley, Coordinator 
    phone: 425-747-1110
      Web: www.seattleceliacs.com
Updated: 27 Dec 2009

South SeattleGluten Intolerance/Celiac Support Group
City: Seattle

    Greg Parsons & Lynn Jameson
    Meets every 3rd Tues. 7:00pm @ Valley Medical Center, Renton, WA
Updated: 28 Jan 2011

Kitsap/Olympic Peninsula Gluten Intolerance Group®
City: Sequim

    Susan Eliot, Branch Manager
    phone: 360-477-4548
Updated: 27 Dec 2009

SnoKing Celiac Support Group

    Kaili McIntyre - Leader
    phone: 206-782-5735
Updated: 27 Dec 2009

Gluten Intolerance Group® of SW Washington
City: Vancouver

    Kristi Curtis, Branch Manager 
    phone: 360-695-0862 
       Web:, www.gigsouthwestwa.org
Updated: 27 Dec 2009

Whidbey Island GIG
City: Whidbey Island
    Coyla Shepard, Sydney Anderson, Co-managers
    phone (Coyla): (360) 321-4083
    phone (Sydney): (360) 321-4272
    Web:, www.gigbranches.org/whidbeyisland
Updated: 27 Dec 2009

Blue Mountain Gluten Intolerance Group®
City: Walla Walla
    Evelyn Bergman,Manager
    phone: 509-522-2053
Updated: 27 Dec 2009

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