Gluten-Free Product Information

There are numerous sources of written information about celiac disease. Each one has a different style and each person has to make their own determination about their accuracy and value to your lifestyle.

The following links are provided for your general information. The information provided via these sites has not been formally evaluated and inclusion of these links does not constitute an endorsement of any organization. Nor is disapproval implied of sites not mentioned. The links provided are maintained by their respective organizations and they are solely responsible for their content and policies.)

Several National Celiac Societies publish a list of GF foods. Their address is listed in this site's list of support groups.

US Commerical Product List
US Restraurant Listing

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Gluten-Free Product Information

For US products, these references may be of assistance:

Commerical Product List
PO Box 31700
Omaha, NE 68131-0700
Tollfree 877-272-4272

CDF Gluten Free resource Directory

A listing of GF Products
Cecelia's Marketplace

A Find Me Gluten Free
Restaurant and Product App

Interent compiled notes on GF Products at the Delphi Forum (subscription required)
Gluten-free Product list

Smart Phone Apps
Gluten Free PassPort

Ipad Apps
The Gluten Detective

WEB listing of GF Products
Gluten Free Check List

Gluten-Free Certification Organization WEB
Gluten-Free Certification Organization

CSA’s Recognition Seal


A List of Gluten Free Medication
Steve Plogsted

Our family of GF vendors is always an excellent starting point
Our list of vendors at that specialize in the GF market area.

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Restraurant Listing

Allergy Eats
Online Guide to Alergy Friendly Restaurants

The Celiac Scene
Guides for North America Restaurants

Gluten Gurus
Online Restaurants and Products

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This fact sheet has been designed to be a general information resource. However, it is not intended for use in diagnosis, treatment, or any other medical application. Questions should be directed to your personal physician. This information is not warranted and no liability is assumed by the author or any group for the recommendations, information, dietary suggestions, menus, and recipes promulgated. Based upon accepted practices in supplying the source documents, this fact sheet is accurate and complete. Products mentioned or omitted do not constitute endorsement.

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