Bhikkuni-Samyutta Suttas

The Bhikkunis ( nuns )

Bhikkhuni-samyutta -- The bhikkhunis (nuns). In these suttas Mara, the personification of doubt and evil, tries in vain to lure the nuns away from their meditation spots in the forest by asking them provocative questions. Without exception, these wise women conquer Mara decisively.

Suttas Involving Bhikkunis 
( closest English concept: "Nuns" ) 




Avalika  Samyutta Nikaya V.1  Why bother meditating? 
Cala  Samyutta Nikaya V.6 Venerable Sister Cala On Rebirth 
Gotami  Samyutta Nikaya V.3  Why sit in solitude in the forest? 
Sela  Samyutta Nikaya V.9  Ven. Sister Sela On Metaphysical Questions 
Sisupacala  Samyutta Nikaya V.8  Following the Dhamma doesn't mean buying into to a fixed philosophy. 
Soma  Samyutta Nikaya V.2 Can Women Be Enlightend? 
Upacala  Samyutta Nikaya V.7  Why take the path to its full completeion? 
Uppalavanna  Samyutta Nikaya V.5 Mara tempts Ven. Sister Uppalavanna to leave the forest 
Vajira  Samyutta Nikaya V.10  Ven Sister Vajira On Distractions To Meditation 
Vijaya  Samyutta Nikaya V.4  Mara tries to tempt Ven. Sister Vijaya 


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