Relief of a maiden at the Jetavanara  Monestary, Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka.


Women In The Theravada Tradition:

"Going Upstream: An interview with Bhante Gunaratana"
Venerable Henepola Gunaratana, a Theravada monk,  founder of the Bhavana Society, and author Mindfulness In Plain English speaks about full ordination for Theravada nuns, as well as other assorted topics.

Theravada Buddhist Writings By Women
A collection of writings about meditation, Buddhism and the path.

Women Theravada Teachers

"WomenIn Buddhism"
An online magazine.


References to women in the Pali Canon:

Culavedalla Sutta(MN 44)
Bhikkuni Dhammadinna instructs her former husband in the Dhamma  

The Therigatha
In this collection of suttas elder bhikkunis reflect on their lives following the Dhamma  
Women Arahants Speak Out Against The Defilements Personified As Mara

 The Itivuttaka
"The Itivuttaka is a collection of 112 short discourses of the Buddha belonging to the Pali Canon. According to the commentarial tradition, the suttas of the Itivuttaka were collected by the woman lay disciple Khujjuttara from sermons given by the Buddha while he was staying at Kosambi. Khujjuttara, a servant in the court of King Udena, was declared by the Buddha his most learned woman lay follower. She had become a stream enterer after meeting the Buddha and afterwards converted the women of the palace to the Dhamma. She used to go regularly to listen to the Buddha preach and then later reported what she heard to the other women. The compilation of these sayings became known as the Itivuttaka. "   From:   "The Itivuttaka," translated by John D. Ireland. Page 1,  ISBN 955-24-0066-X


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