Strategy of enabling support foundation



The members of the Enabling Support Foundation have been involved in online education and humanitarian activities since 1982.  The pioneers of telecommuting were persons with disabilities and K-12 education.  Learning disabilities were born from their marriage. 

ESF operates almost exclusively from the Cloud and provides services totally online. Since the turn of the century ESF has explored international support, and has found a warm reception in grassroot sub Sahara Africa.  This has evolved into the Peace Flame network of human develop and enrichment organizations that is both productive and expanding.

Our strategy is to find a productive group and guide them into the 21st Century to make them better.  When ESF was born in the 1980s, the Internet was little known, the World Wide Web had not been invented, and we used 8 bit computers and 1200 baud modems. We have learned to make the most of whatever technology exists, valuable skill in low technology areas.  One computer connected to the Internet is connected to the whole Internet.

The individual organizations have started to collaborate on projects, mutual support, grant writing.  The select Education to activity in Education or Peace Flame to see activity in Human Development


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